Authorize.Net Allowing Gun Sales Online?

Does Authorize.Net allow gun sales? Yes. We have confirmed it.

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How to sell high-risk products with Wix & Authorize.Net

Integrating Authorize.Net with Wix is a very simple, straightforward process. I will lay out the basic steps here.

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Declined by Shopify Payments? Here’s why, & what to do

Recently, we spoke to a new online merchant who put months of effort into a new Shopify website only to have their launch delayed due to having their ability to accept credit cards declined. The decline was not technically by Shopify itself, but by Shopify’s out of the box payment processing relationship called Shopify Payments.

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How to sell vape & e-juice using WooCommerce

Are you mostly satisfied with your new WordPress electronic cigarette website, but have questions as to how best implement e-commerce functionality? WooCommerce, and a carefully selected payment gateway may be the answer you are looking for.

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Get started as an online FFL: accept payments and more

Interested in becoming a web-based FFL dealer?

Due to complexities beyond their control, many firearms website owners cannot easily figure out, among other things, basic items like where to get started when trying to find a payment gateway and credit card processing system that works with their industry and shopping cart. If that sounds like you, this article can help.

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Payments & pipes: An industry spotlight

Accepting payments for pipes & glassware: It’s getting better

The trend lately for the Glassware and pipe industry, at least in terms of their ability to accept credit cards online, appears to be trending positive. Pipe, grinder, and glassware websites can now be set up with solid, high-risk friendly payment gateways that are connected to reliable US-based merchant accounts.

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Bookafy and high-risk payments: A software spotlight

Stay organized, grow your business, and get paid

Bookafy is a powerful app that connects your calendars, syncs employee and client schedules with your calendars, and better yet, allows for the easy integration of a high-risk payment gateway.

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Payment gateways, high-risk processing, and Brilliant Directories.

Brilliant Directories makes a mark with merchants

Brilliant Directories is a SaaS platform with extensive tools and functions to help both low-risk and certain high-risk e-commerce merchants build custom directories and websites while managing recurring billing and subscriptions.

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Sitebuilder Spotlight: Duda Mobile

Duda Mobile allows payment options for vape, cigar, and FFL websites

Is it time to upgrade your high-risk e-commerce website?

Is your e-juice, premium cigar, or FFL website in need of a facelift or style update? If so, it might also need some serious attention on the back end. If your site building platform or template is out of date hopefully it is at least mobile-friendly. Often, making small tweaks to an outdated website platform isn’t going to help your customer experience as much as converting to a better website building platform would. Doing everything you can to convey security and competence is important, especially if you are selling in a high-risk category.

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How to sell vape products online without a $500 fee

“What? $500 upfront just to register and accept credit cards?”

That is something that e-juice and electronic cigarette merchants have been upset about since the requirement, by one card brand that merchants who sell electronic cigarettes or e-juice online register as a tobacco merchant, began almost a year ago today.  Since late 2016, early 2017, electronic cigarette merchants looking to sell online had 2 choices:

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P.S. We're happy to help even if you just have a quick question - even if you are "not ready yet" and just want a little free advice. We regularly earn clients' business years after we first speak.

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