One question we have heard a lot over the past few years is “Does Authorize.Net allow gun sales or not?” There is some positive news on this front for online FFL dealers in 2014. The answer is yes. To give you some background, prior to last year Authorize.Net was the “go to” gateway for online firearms sales, then due to a much publicized update to their terms they stopped boarding new ecommerce firearms dealers, and stopped service to many others. Some of the dealers effected were large enough to make waves nationwide on such media outlets as The Washington Times Opinion page, and the This caused an awful lot of confusion and turmoil in the industry; picture being a small FFL dealer who recently gets their online shooting sports web site up and running only to find out after you are set up you need a new gateway…..and that your cart does not support many FFL friendly gateways? During this time through our sales partnership with PAI we have been holding peoples hands, walking them through the options and recommending FFL friendly payment gateways such as NMI, PayTrace, Plug’nPay and most of all eProcessing Network. (eProcessing Network works out very well for a lot of folks due to it’s compatibility with Gun Broker and Gun Auction.)

A review of Authorize.Net’s current terms and conditions  and of their service agreement shows that there is no longer any mention of guns, firearms or weapons of any kind. As reported by the NSSF reached out to Authorize.Net directly and based on their outreach the terms and conditions were amended. We have confirmed it on our end, and through PAI have begun boarding new Authorize.Net online gun accounts.